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People Stories

After having done my internship in a big corporation, I wanted to try working for a startup company and perform various tasks to be able to explore and discover what I want to do professionally. Cookly holds an interesting vision and everyone here works with great passion. It’s a very rewarding feeling to connect people around the world to something they love doing. When I began working at Cookly, I was dealing with a lot of customer queries and at the same time, without even being aware of it, I learned a lot about our suppliers (partners). This knowledge has helped me to grow into my current role as an Account Manager. My job is to assist our partners with their needs and to optimize our services while I build long-lasting business relationships with them. I am sincerely glad that I joined Cookly and that I have the chance to grow along its journey.

Priya - Account Manager

As part of my Food and Business MBA program, I had to do an internship. I was always curious about working at a startup and when I did my research on suitable companies, Cookly really stood out among all the companies I was interested in. Flash forward to three years later: I am still working at Cookly. What was supposed to be six-month adventure for me turned into a life changing experience. I became a full-time employee after my internship and now I am working as a Sales Manager, supporting our suppliers growing their business with the help of our platform. It is a great feeling to be able to say that I am a part of Cookly, the first job that doesn’t give me Monday Morning Syndrome.

Can - Sales Manager

When I was traveling in Tokyo in 2017, I decided to take a Ramen cooking class where I met Can, Cookly’s Sales Manager, who was taking a video of the class. It was a match made in heaven, because as soon as he explained to me where he worked, I knew that I wanted to be part of Cookly. And here I am! Almost two years have passed and being based in Barcelona, I am responsible for the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Market. I love dealing with cooking class hosts. Working at Cookly allows me to focus on one of the things I love most in life, and that is food.

Augusta - Regional Manager Southern Europe

Our Core Values

Passion is our fuel

We love what we do and we have come together, because we share a love for food, traveling and the community we are building. Let’s keep following our passions.

Diversity makes us strong

We are all different - in culture, nationality and personality. Accepting differences expands our horizon. Seeing things from different perspectives creates new ideas.

Quality over quantity

Cookly is all about high standards. We choose carefully, we work with the best and we deliver our best services to partners, customers and coworkers.

Communication is key

Every problem can be solved as long as we keep communicating. Effective communication reduces the workload and positively affects our interpersonal relationships.

Sharing is caring

Sharing knowledge and experiences helps us to grow and develop together. Sharing ideas helps us to find innovative solutions. Always feel welcome to share!